Magdalena Starkova-Timplova was born on July 27, 1974 in Prague, The Czech Republic. She studied graphic designing at the College of Graphics and Secondary Technical School of Graphics, in Prague. Following the example of her father, painter Vaclav Starek, she immersed herself in painting from a very early age. She worked in graphic design for some time, but then started her freelance work. Focusing on painting, ceramics, applied graphics and illustrations. Many of her paintings can be seen in numerous private art collections, kindergartens and primary schools. Her work can be also viewed in several galleries throughout the Czech Republic and abroad. Notably, in Japan, where she's been exhibiting for over sixteen years. From 2011 to 2020, she was a castellan at the castle in Týnec and Sázavou, where she had the opportunity to use her experience in graphic design and painting. Recently, her biggest muse has been Switzerland, where she's been painting for years and now happily resides. Inspired by the beautiful Swiss nature, new themes have begun to emerge - namely, the "Freedom cycle". She is also currently working on a cycle of Zodiac signs in her studio in Luzern.

The Japanese gallery Emy, proudly sells my paintings which can be viewed on the following website: